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My Turn
You can say what you want
You can do what you want
I don’t care what you want
It’s My Turn

When you’re off on your own
You say you’re feeling all alone
honey who answered the phone
You don’t learn

You think you have a knack
to keep me off of the attack
just wait til you get back
It’s My Turn

Cause it’s always the same
When you won’t say my name
I know it’s just a game
I don’t learn

Baby, when you’re bad
You know I just go mad

You just do what you do
but you haven’t thought it through
I’ve had enough of you
it’s my turn

You’re a slave to your lust
and it’s why we’ll go bust
you’re a brand I don’t trust
you don’t learn

You can sell shoes to snakes
got the charm that it takes
but your cover always breaks
you don’t learn

And the buyer best beware
cause there ain’t nothin’ there
love is war, all is fair
it’s My Turn

Baby, don’t feel bad
I know all men are mad

You won’t feel
it won’t mean
maybe when
you’re sleeping
close your eyes
no peeking

You don’t like it that’s tough
cause I’ve finally had enough
lover boy don’t wait up
you gotta learn

You can say what you want
you can do what you want
I don’t care what you want
It’s My Turn

Baby, don’t be mad
it’s My Turn to be bad


from Sleepwalking Showtunes, released March 13, 2015




Fog People Seattle

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