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It’s a sideways glance, through a staring crowd
eyes held too long, it’s attention found
It’s an elbow touched, when we shake hands
A brief pleasantry that wants to make plans

It’s a long, long way to where the coats are checked
And it’s a good excuse for a cigarette
In the quiet dark on the balcony
always better with some company

I see you watching
Don’t leave me waiting

you say my name
just to hear the sound
just to catch my eye
when I turn around
it's a baited breath
before the game begins
we can play it cool
but we want to dive in

it's a long long walk
to where the car is parked
and we don't quite touch
but I feel your heart
beat the quite dark
on the silent street
always better there
with some company

i feel you watching
don't leave me waiting

waiting in an empty hall
a coffee shop
the corner park
a cul-de-sac
a busy mall
or anywhere you want to go

watching for the smallest sign
the slightest clue
your heart is mine
a private note
a midnight call
a secret only we can know

it’s a careful way
that we never touch
and we say too much
when it’s not enough
and it’s fun to play
but it ends too soon
in the staring glance
through a crowded room

you see me watching
don’t leave me


from Sleepwalking Showtunes, released March 13, 2015
GTR: Rick Miller




Fog People Seattle

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